The Father of All
Double Standards

Many years ago when I was participating in Atlantis, an online Objectivist mailing list, a Christian woman who was a member of that list chided me for “blaming God” for miscarriages (and by extension all the death and destruction that occurs in nature).

She told me that I was confusing the will of Almighty God with the deterministic processes of His creation. I thought this rather strange since this Christian woman obviously believed that God was the creator of nature. Imagine a car manufacturer who built a car with defective brakes that resulted in the death of several people claiming that the car caused the deaths not him. Of course, he would be run out of town with the single rejoinder: Who built the car, asshole!

How is it that an all-powerful and all-knowing God has no responsibility for the consequences of His actions? And how is it that religionists get away with this obvious irrationality and sleight-of-hand?

According to the religionists, Lord God has no moral culpability for the machine called nature that destroys hundreds of billions of unborn “human beings” before they draw a single breath, but a mere mortal woman is responsible for the destruction of a single embryo.

Shades of the sexual double standard where even a young girl is responsible for every single act of sex she has outside marriage, even acts of violence against her as a child, while an adult “Lord of Creation” may carouse every day with every woman he can get his paws on and remain both blameless and unpunished, even if his wholesale whoring results in terrible diseases inflicted upon his wife and children.

That the Lord of Creation, Almighty God, can wantonly destroy embryos and fetuses by the trillions without any condemnation whatsoever, not even a questioning of the Good Lord’s wisdom, not even when such unborn entities cost Him nothing, while those who destroy insensate embryos to preserve their own health are condemned as murderers, is a case of the double standard writ large.

This reminds me of a misogynist (also a member of the same list) who claimed that maybe God would forgive a woman for getting an abortion, but he wouldn’t. God Himself presumably needs no forgiveness. And I thought nothing could beat the sexual double standard for pure depravity. Silly me.

I am also reminded of C.S. Lewis who believed that all the pain, suffering, disease, and death in the world could be laid at the door of mortal woman. Eve disobeyed God, tempted Adam, and corrupted all of nature. Of course, the Christian apologist could never explain why God tempted Adam and Eve with forbidden fruit; why threatening them with death would act as a deterrent when they could not have known the meaning of death; why mere disobedience was such a God-awful evil, especially when those who disobeyed had no prior knowledge of good and evil; why such disobedience should warrant such an outrageous and disproportionate punishment; why others should pay for “evil” Eve’s “crime” against the “good” Lord; and lastly, why God came up with such a diabolical scheme in the first place.

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